Hi I am Armin,

As an accomplished Ph.D. in Engineering and a Machine Learning Engineer, I specialize in crafting, executing, and introducing Machine Learning solutions to enhance business operations and boost efficiency. I am an integral part of the innovation technology team at Citco. I have been instrumental in delivering comprehensive ML solutions that have enhanced system automation.

My programming skills span Python, SQL, JavaScript, and R. I possess in-depth experience with tools and frameworks such as Scikit-learn, TensorFlow, AWS, PyTorch, Databricks, Apache Spark, and Docker. These skills have empowered me to create an ML infrastructure on AWS for predicting various business outcomes for Citco and design robust ETL pipelines for batch data and streaming data using Apache Spark and Databricks, leading to improved business outcomes.

In addition to my roles in the industry, I have worked as an AI and Computer Science Content Creator freelance. I have designed a thorough course on machine learning and authored articles on Medium for various publications. These articles, covering crucial algorithms and ML system design, assist other professionals in comprehending and utilizing these intricate concepts.

In my previous role as a Data Scientist at Skyjack Inc, I spearheaded several projects by architecting and introducing ML pipelines, boosting the efficiency of the engineering and product teams. As an Applied Machine Learning Researcher at the University of Alberta, I guided research teams and introduced real-time ML solutions for industrial partners. My research earned recognition from our industrial partners and the academic community, with over 20 publications, 450 citations, and an h-index of 14.

I aim to continue utilizing my skills and knowledge to create innovative solutions that enhance operational efficiencies and deliver business value. If you wish to discuss potential opportunities, collaborations, or chat about AI, Machine Learning, and related topics, feel free to contact me via LinkedIn.